News: LG G3 Set for a July 17th U.S. Release

LG G3 Set for a July 17th U.S. Release

When Korean electronics giant LG debuted its next-generation flagship phone at a London press event 2 weeks ago, the only question that remained unanswered was the timing of its release. As the 5.5-inch qHD phone hits stores in Korea, folks in the U.S. market patiently awaited a stateside debut.

Accredited smartphone leaker Evan Blass, better known by his Twitter handle @evleaks', has dropped a bomb this morning.

Image via evleaks

According to information obtained by Blass, the G3 has a Verizon release date scheduled on July 17th, with pre-orders beginning a week prior. It's not immediately clear if the other major U.S. carriers will debut the G3 on this date, but phones are generally released within a similar window across the four (or soon to be three) major service providers.

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