How To: Take Perfectly-Framed Photos Every Time on Android

Take Perfectly-Framed Photos Every Time on Android

At the end of an all-day affair with friends or family, I'll unwind and go through all the pictures I took that day as a sort of recap. All too often, though, I'll come across a few that are almost perfect, except I didn't quite position my phone well enough, leaving someone's face cutoff or too much space to one side of the image. It's a fail of a basic and crucial tenet of photography—framing.

Cropping an image afterwards can sometimes do the trick, but it can sacrifice quality, depending on how much cropping is needed. Instead of going through the hassle of post-production, do it right the first time by using Camera51, a free Android app that will literally guide you to taking the best-framed images you can.

With auto-framing and auto-composition technology, Camera51 instinctually selects main objects, faces, scenes, and lines in the viewfinder to determine real-time framing guidance. Download the app for free from the Play Store.

Easy-to-Follow Guidance

Open Camera51 and point your lens towards the object of your picture. The camera's interface will guide you on how your Android should be positioned with a small, rectangular indicator. Once both are aligned, simply hit the capture button.

You can also manually select an object by tapping the screen, which will place a white circular dot where the focus will be. This point will determine the best fame for your shot, as well as the proper exposure and focus.

Camera51's Extra Features

By selecting the three-dot icon, you get access to some basic tools like HDR, brightness, and flash, as well as the app settings. These added features allow you to dictate image quality, "Peripheral Object Alert" (letting you know when objects will enter the frame), and "Multi Object Selection" (allowing you to select multiple points of focus).

Camera51 is great for people like me who seem to always have wasted space in their photos. Let us know if it improved from picture-taking skills by sharing some of your photos in the comments below, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

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