How To: Enable a Translucent Navigation Bar in All Apps & Screens on Android

Enable a Translucent Navigation Bar in All Apps & Screens on Android

By eliminating the need for hard keys on phones, manufacturers are able to use that extra space for a larger display, which is clearly evident on the bezel-minimal LG G3. In order to replace the physical home, back, and app switcher keys, we now have stylish soft keys.

While using the G3 or other Android device that has soft keys, you'll notice those sleek keys are placed over a transparent navigation bar on your home screen. This creates a great-looking user experience. Unfortunately, the gorgeous look quickly dissipates as soon as you use an application that doesn't support this feature, turning the transparent nav bar into one that's black or white.

Sure you could get used to it, but why? Today I'll be showing you how to enable a transparent navigation bar in all apps and screens, with the ability to also enable the feature on a per-app basis.

Step 1: Getting Started

Before you get ahead too of yourself, make sure your LG G3, or any other Android device that utilizes a navigation bar, is rooted with the XposedFramework installed, which is needed to force translucency upon your nav bar.

Step 2: Enable Force Translucent KitKat

Head into Xposed and select Download, then search for Force Translucent KitKat from developer Stephen Milone. Download and install the module, then make sure to activate it and reboot.

The application will also make your status bar translucent, but that can be adjusted in the module's settings.

Step 3: Adjust Your Translucency

After your device is booted back up, open Force Translucency from your app drawer. You can check the any apps you want this mod to work on, or you can choose to enable it in all of your apps. When you're done selecting, tap Apply Setting to Checked Apps.

Some applications work fantastically with a translucent nav bar, but others don't, and can actually inhibit you from selecting certain things on a page. A little trial-and-error will allow you to set the mod up exactly as you like.

A simple remedy for a simple problem—nothing beats that! If you decide that the translucent look isn't your thing, try appling different soft key styles that don't even reuire root.

And be sure to let us know what you think of the mod in the comments below, as well as on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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