How To: Install Adobe Flash Player on Your LG G3 to Play Web Games & Flash Videos

Install Adobe Flash Player on Your LG G3 to Play Web Games & Flash Videos

Google, like Apple before them, no longer supports mobile Flash, but clearly there's plenty of Flash content still available on the web. From games to videos, it can be frustrating to get the most out of your mobile browsing experience without Flash functionality.

Adobe keeps an archive of past versions of their Flash Player, including its Android variants, but there's one problem. The last known official version no longer functions in Android KitKat, but thanks to a modification by Jassy Franc (aka surviveland), it's now back in proper working condition. Combined with Dolphin Browser for Android, you can enjoy all the Adobe Flash content you want—whether it's a small web game or Amazon Instant Videos.

Step 1: Install Adobe Flash Player 11.1 for KitKat

Make sure that you have enabled installation of apps from "Unknown sources" in the Security section of your Settings app, since you'll be downloading Flash Player from outside of Google Play.

Now hit this link to grab Franc's tweaked Flash Player 11.1 APK, and install it like any other app. Flash Player has no interface—once you install it, you'll just need a browser that supports Flash, so hit up the next step for that.

Step 2: Install Dolphin Browser for Android

Chrome is a Google product, so even with Flash installed, the browser will not support it. A very popular alternative is Dolphin Browser—it's sleek, fast, and still supports Flash. Hit this link to download and install it from Google Play.

Step 3: Enable Flash Support in Dolphin

Open up Dolphin, press-and-hold the Recents buttons, and head to Settings. Now scroll down to and select Web Content, hit the Flash Player option, and select either On Demand (pick and choose when you want Flash to load) or Always On.

Step 4: Test It Out

Head to the Adobe Flash site to test whether Flash is working on your LG G3 (or other Android device)—open this link with the Dolphin Browser to give it a spin.

(1) No-go on Chrome. (2) Flash working with Dolphin.

If you see the animation up top, you're all set. Now you can enjoy all of the web, not just some of it.

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